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Basic method of water scene lighting

Water lighting
Advantage: contrast economy, lamps and lanterns is compared and the protection is simple, if the lamp is installed, can let the water surface have more uniform brightness.
Disadvantages: dramatic effect is often inferior to underwater lighting, and we see the light source directly or see the image of the light source, the simple occurrence of syncope, the planning should pay attention to.
Underwater lighting
Lighting the lamps and lanterns below the surface of the water, this method is usually able to play the role of dramatic lighting, can make the dynamic water more colorful.
Note: due to the lamp placed in the water, so the request lamps with water resistance and corrosion resistance, together with the anti external mechanical impact to its cost and lighting protection fee is higher.
Classification of water features lighting
Fountain scene lighting
The preferred bottom-up lighting method, lighting fixtures, should ensure that there is at least one light fixture per share of the water, especially on the shape of a water fountain, should ensure that the fountain manifold accurately reflected. On the combination of multiple nozzle fountain, should be based on the whole shape to be planned, not in each nozzle settings.
Pool type reflective water features lighting
This type of lighting can be placed in the bottom of the tank, can also be placed around the pool. If the lamp is placed in the bottom of the pool, the picture and the raw material of the bottom of the pool or the wall can be turned into the main points.
Waterfall scene lighting
Relatively steep, turbulent flow, lighting methods should be bottom-up, if it is relatively steep water, selection of lamps installed in the water front.
Select: select lamps according to the waterfall and the height of water, small water falls, set in the water in front of the lamp will light a larger amount of water; the waterfall, the lamp is arranged in the water, so the water dynamic effect will make the light becomes more brilliant. A small waterfall, the use of a wide beam of light to shine; on the fall of the waterfall, the use of large power and narrow beam lamps.
River type natural lighting
On the river, river, lake, sea and other natural features, not all of the water will be able to light up the planning, the main adoption of reflective shore scene to highlight the existence and the role of water.
In order to enhance the visibility and appreciation of the night air, usually choose a small size, appearance, good hiding, long life and other advantages of LED lamps.
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