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Comparison of LED scene lamp

1, tariff comparison;
The use of 60W LED lamps a year occurred in electricity, only use 250W general high-pressure sodium street lamp year electricity 20%, save electricity costs, energy commodity aspirations, also used to build a conservation oriented society.
2, laying the cost comparison
LED lamp power is generally high pressure sodium lamp 1/4, laying copper cables required section area request only general lights 1/3, save a lot of construction expense.
Summarized above two cost savings, the use of LED lights is using high pressure sodium lamp, the former can make the recovery of initial investment capital owners added in a year.
3, illumination contrast:
The use of LED 60W lamp can reach 250W high pressure sodium lamp illumination, greatly reducing the use of power; LED lights with the application of low power, with wind energy and solar energy use in the city, on the road.
4, the use of temperature
General lighting of lamps in the use of LED occurs in the process of low temperature, high temperature series use will not happen, not black does not burn black shade.
(1) LED sight lamp light source structure (epoxy resin package), small volume, space, scale and variety of size habits of many different, due to the solid light source, no gas, no gas seal without doubt, glass shell, impact resistance, vibration resistance, not easily broken, determines the light source than the strength of the lamp and stiffness of the request of the low.
(2) LED scene lamps have infinite energy saving effect, only the power of the LED as long as 0.03-0.06W, and low driving voltage (1.5-3.5V), current (15-18mA), in which the equal lighting effects and, as long as the 1/8 power consumption of incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp 1/2. Visible with LED light source to replace the general lamp and fluorescent lamp for power consumption of the infinite scene lighting, its energy saving effect is very significant, with strong market competitiveness. And the LED light source is 20-30 times, 100 times the life of incandescent lamp fluorescent lamp, eliminates the frequent maintenance of bitterness, with its rich colors and good controllability, for city scene lighting is good.
(3) LED light source color picture lamp is pure, rich, can be arbitrary color than the color evolution, metal halide lamp, decorative incomparable. LED light source, so that its flexibility is excellent, can be a variety of points, lines, surfaces, ball and other shapes.
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