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Underground light magic color

LED underground lamp is a light source equipment in the underground special landscape lamp, with excellent stainless steel shell, stainless steel panel, silicone ring, and it also uses the 8mm mirror glass, which has good cooling effect, and the function of waterproof, dustproof, anti rot. In addition, it can be seen everywhere in the city lighting engineering, can be guided around the lamp or parking lights as a park and the road on both sides of the.
LED light source LED underground lamp selection of high quality and high brightness, with long service life, low power consumption, small temperature rise characteristics, which is first imported by the red, green and blue three color chips, can mix color color can also be made of various monochromatic light. At the same time, it's usually used the lamp body with high purity Aluminum Alloy materials, and the appearance of the electrostatic spray processing, which has the characteristics of constant temperature curing and strong adhesion. In addition, it is decorated with lights road ideal, can be widely used in the decoration Square, restaurants, villas, gardens, conference rooms, exhibition halls, sidewalks, vehicles, channel bar, stage Park shopping malls, residential areas, tourist attractions, parking sculpture and fencing and other places of the river.
LED underground lamp because buried in the ground and confession named in a very wide range of lighting, using lighting technology category, and its light body can be divided into round, square, rectangle, arc, LED light source also has seven kinds of color, can mutation, hopping, bright and colorful. In addition, the selection of fine die cast aluminum body, waterproof, dustproof, anti leakage, corrosion resistance, appearance elegant, beautiful appearance, small volume, low power consumption, durable, convenient installation advantages, as shown below:
1, LED underground lamp light source with long service life, such as no accident without replacement;
2, an investment, the use of a number of years;
3, low power consumption, no need to pay high electricity bills;
4, such as non-human damage, LED underground lamp can be used at least 20 years.
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