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LED lighting lamp cooling has a new breakthrough

It is understood that the current traditional lamp heat dissipation material mainly consists of the following three kinds: metal materials, ceramics and general plastic. Compared with metal materials, conductive plastic has the characteristics of uniform heat dissipation, light weight, high safety coefficient, and other flexible design; compared with ceramics, conductive plastic solid, convenient processing and design a higher degree of freedom; compared with the general plastic, high expansion coefficient of thermal conductive plastics.
Compared to the traditional metal materials, heat conductive plastic has a lot of advantages, summed up the following four points:
1 lightweight
The density of pure aluminum 2700kg/m3, Aluminum Alloy density is larger, and the conductive plastic density usually at 1500 ~ 2000kg/m3, the heat conductive plastics can greatly decrease the commercial lighting component (about 30% ~ 50%), the lightweight lighting products, the indirect cost cutting device, useful for transportation.
2 planning high degree of freedom
The degree of freedom of the planning is an outstanding advantage of organic thermal conductive plastics. The main production method of aluminum radiator is die casting or drawing, it is difficult to carry out the processing of more complex shape in the production process. The outstanding mobility of organic plastic, you can produce a very thin parts, as well as the planning of increasingly cluttered shape, but also to further complete the light weight of goods. Also, the injection molding products beautiful, bright and clean, you can not need follow-up spraying, color and other processes to complete the diversification of the color of the product.
3 planning batch production
Heat conductive plastic can be a molding, no need to post processing, simple to complete the production of large planning and production, to complete the planning benefits. Useful cut aluminum materials in extrusion molding after burr and nickel after the procedure. Together, the cost of the mold is smaller than the aluminum alloy and other materials, long life, cut the processing cycle and cost.
4 security and simplify the power supply structure
Because of its high conductivity, the aluminum radiator is difficult to pass the test of high pressure resistance if the non blocking power supply is used. The insulating properties of conductive plastic, has certain advantages in high voltage test, the selection of non barrier power produced lamps into a maybe, not only can reduce the cost, make the product planning more delicate, more important is the user in the process of cutting metal shell conductive safety hazards may occur. Safety and environmental protection, can be recycled, good insulation to ensure the safety of its use.
With the Chinese government to give more attention to this, in terms of special materials to increase the intensity of technological innovation and investment, LED materials, especially thermal conductivity of plastics will have a very good application prospects and development space.
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