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Landscape installation of landscape lighting

First, the wire pipe, steel pipe laying:
(1) the design selection of wire pipe, steel pipe laying construction in accordance with, wire pipe, pipe laying construction technology standard, to strictly control the wire pipe, steel pipe purchase, junction box, lamp box and switch box shall have certificate of product.
(2) the outdoor power distribution line using cable to wear HDPE pipe buried in the pipeline, buried depth of 0.7m pipeline, through the water depth of not less than 0.5m, through the motor vehicle lane when the steel pipe laying. Let L500.W300.H700 by wells in the garden lights beside the garden lamp line in all branches, the branch line should take reliable measures (such as waterproof waterproof junction box IP62).
(3) the embedded pipe should cooperate closely with the civil construction, first meet the pipe layout, followed by rows of electrical piping position.
Two, wear line:
Threading pipe to tighten the wire stock clearance, wire specifications must meet the design requirements, and factory certification, check whether the insulation resistance, after the arrival of wire diameter, material and weight per volume to meet the requirements, should according to the diameter of the pipe mouth response specification, nylon wire cap, wiring nose specifications and material to meet the requirements. Threading pipe should be completed in structural and civil works construction, put the belt line, with wire diameter of 1.2 ~ 2.0MM, 10 ~ 15CM left at the two ends of the margin, and then cleaning pipeline, switch box, socket box and other dirt. When threading noticed the same alternating current loop must be in the same tube, wire of different loop voltage and AC with a straight line, not into one tube, except for the following situations: standard voltage below 50V circuit power circuit; the same equipment or the same production line and equipment no special requirements of the anti interference control circuit; several circuits in the same lamp; several circuits in the same kind of lighting, but the total number of catheter tubes should not be more than 8. Wire length: reserved box, switch box, socket box and lamp box for 15CM, the distribution box is 1 / 2 box perimeter.
Three, lamps and lanterns installation:
(1) lamps and lanterns, light source according to the design requirements, all the lamps should have the product certificate, the lamp wiring is strictly prohibited exposed, lamps and lanterns accessories complete. (2) according to the installation site to check whether the lighting is in line with the requirements, check the light wiring, lamps and lanterns must be installed firmly, the position is correct, neat and beautiful, the wiring is correct. The lamp of 3KG or above, must be pre magnesium hook or bolt, below the metal shell 2.4M lamp earthing.
(3) the installation is completed, and the insulation resistance of each branch shall be determined after passing the electrical operation. Power should be carefully examined after the lamp control is flexible, ready, switch and lamp control sequence is corresponding, if found the problem must first power, and then find the reason for repair.
4, grounding protection and safety measures:
(1) grounding protection using TT, closed circular artificial grounding device is arranged around the outdoor lighting box, grounding by 50*50*5 L2500 galvanized steel wire, hot galvanized flat steel by 40*4, electrode spacing of 5m, depth of 0.8m, the grounding resistance is less than 10 ohms.
(2) in the system all the luminaire grounding terminal by PE line and reliable connected lighting box PE bus connection and grounding.
(3) to prevent lightning overvoltage in outdoor lighting box are arranged a surge protector.
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