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How to check the problem of the solar garden lights

Now we are in the days of solar garden lights seem everywhere, parks, squares, residential areas and other places. Energy saving and environmental protection is a fundamental attribute of being reborn darling solar garden lamp lamp, the battery plate in its absorption to sunlight vision photoelectric change, followed by the controller for DC, storage battery, storage battery electric energy storage. In the evening, the controller to battery discharge, automatically open operation port, twilight lights decorate.
Installed solar garden lights have a regular protection, otherwise it is very simple to present some problems, let me talk to you and let us talk about the solar garden lights out of the problem of the.
1 first is the information quality questions, usually some manufacturers will use the information and then cause the solar garden lights in the process of using a simple fault, which is the most important factor.
Second 2 construction does not pass, in the process of using solar garden lights, sometimes due to construction quality problems and the proportion of the problems that occur is still more.
Third 3 planning did not pass accurate accounting, on the one hand, the manufacture of joints is not standardized, on the one hand, it is out of the load to run, which will be one of the main factors of the occurrence of the problem.
Fourth is a number of supporting projects such as the quality of the 4 questions.
Therefore, if we want to use the normal use of solar garden lights, usually have to choose the good quality of the goods, and then the timing of the protection.
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