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Overview of solar street lighting design

1, overview
Solar energy is recognized as the green power, the development of solar street lamps are more sophisticated, more and more widely used in practice. The basic principle of solar streetlight system schematic as shown in Figure 1, the system usually consists of a solar panel, controller, battery, lamp, lamp, etc. some of the cable. Image, this system is similar to the human body, people to work every day, but also the demand for food supplement energy. The sun light is lamp free inexhaustible food energy, the solar panel is similar to the human mouth to absorb energy, energy storage battery is the stomach, and the lamp is working hard to bring light to the international instruments. But the solar street lamp system is different from the human, it is day by day, night work. But only have these trunk, solar street lamp system is no way to operate, and the controller plays a role in brain, he will pass the neurons (corresponding to the lamp wire system) to send commands to each trunk. And the basis of the transmission of these instructions may be external factors, but also may be internal elements. For example: nothing to eat (not the sun) to begin the work, have something to eat (the sun) will start eating a full suspension of operation; (the battery is full) needs to stop eating, stomach hungry, even the night to the operating time, also need to rest to save energy.
Detailed project planning
Start after the exchange of project information, to supply the information regardless of opposition or not, reasonable or not, they have to plan solar streetlight system planning. Mainly divided into two some - road scene lighting planning and solar street lamp system capacity planning, after the results, in order to practice the data and results with the customer together to optimize the program.
3.1 road scene lighting planning
Planners need to be familiar with the road planning specifications, and master the illumination simulation software. According to the planning standard proposed by the customer and request, choose suitable lamp to calculate the best reasonable installation method.
But usually in the planning process, can according to the customer request lighting results depict the imitation to the customer's request, so in this part of the customer demand planners and full communication, and constantly updated to improve plan.
3.1.1 route information import
According to customer supply project information, import road information
Street planning norms (the European norms CIE140/EN13201 perhaps the United States norms ANSI/IESNARP-8-00 norms) corresponding level;
Method of arrangement of roads (driveway, sidewalk, pressing Road, SOD, isolation belt, etc.);
Road surface of the street -- grade of coverage and degree of evenness of asphalt;
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