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  • [2016-11-04]Comparison of LED scene lamp

    1, tariff comparison; The use of 60W LED lamps a year occurred in electricity, only use 250W general high-pressure sodium street lamp year electricity 20%, sav..

  • [2016-11-04]Basic method of water scene lighting

    Water lighting Advantage: contrast economy, lamps and lanterns is compared and the protection is simple, if the lamp is installed, can let the water surface ha..

  • [2016-11-04]Overview of solar street lighting design

    1, overview Solar energy is recognized as the green power, the development of solar street lamps are more sophisticated, more and more widely used in practice...

  • [2016-11-04]How to check the problem of the solar garden lights

    Now we are in the days of solar garden lights seem everywhere, parks, squares, residential areas and other places. Energy saving and environmental protection is..

  • [2016-11-04]Landscape installation of landscape lighting

    First, the wire pipe, steel pipe laying: (1) the design selection of wire pipe, steel pipe laying construction in accordance with, wire pipe, pipe laying const..

  • [2016-11-04]LED lighting lamp cooling has a new breakthrough

    It is understood that the current traditional lamp heat dissipation material mainly consists of the following three kinds: metal materials, ceramics and general..

  • [2016-11-04]Underground light magic color

    LED underground lamp is a light source equipment in the underground special landscape lamp, with excellent stainless steel shell, stainless steel panel, silicon..